DataSentics - Betterfy
DataSentics - Betterfy
DataSentics - Betterfy

AI choice assistant
for eCommerce.

Turn your visitors into satisfied customers.

DataSentics - Betterfy

Automated choice assistant at your service to increase revenue!

DataSentics - Betterfy

Betterfy is a machine learning-powered software creating credible product recommendations based on the price-performance ratio, after being implemented into the online store.

This helps your customers to understand products better, stay at the website and decide for purchase with confidence.

At A/B testing, Betterfy caused an increase in revenue in the notebook category by 20%.

The Problem we solve

If you sell any product with a lot of specifications, such as electronics, financial products, real estate, or cars, you are likely to miss up to 20% of revenue. We know this from experience - many eCommerce shops report the same.

Online stores usually get many visitors from paid and organic channels, but only very few of them actually decide to make the purchase.

The real problem is that almost none of the customers are product experts, therefore it's hard for them to make a purchase decision. Instead, they are browsing back and forth on multiple online stores and eventually they postpone the decision.

DataSentics - Betterfy

Our Solution

Betterfy increases revenue by up to 20%

​In cooperation with the biggest eCommerce group in Central and Eastern Europe, we developed a digital native choice assistant called Betterfy, which helps their online customers with orientation through the wide offer.

Our A/B testing has shown that providing credible shopping advice makes a significant difference and increases the chance that a customer will buy the product in the store by up to 20%. Additionally, it builds a stronger relationship with the customer and attracts them already in their thinking phase and decision-making phase. And Betterfy can help your customers as well!

DataSentics - Betterfy
DataSentics - Betterfy

How Betterfy helps the business?

DataSentics - Betterfy

Increases conversion rate within the product category

DataSentics - Betterfy

Attracts customers in their decision-making phase

DataSentics - Betterfy

Builds an excellent relationship with them based on a great customer experience

DataSentics - Betterfy

Decreases bounce rate

DataSentics - Betterfy

Makes you stand out from your competition

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DataSentics - Betterfy

How it works

Betterfy automatically recommends similar but potentially better alternatives to the product, which customer previewed, with a transparent explanation.

DataSentics - Betterfy

Price-performance ratio

We recommend products, which are better with respect to their price (have higher price-performance ratio).

DataSentics - Betterfy

Advantages / disadvantages

Customers get a clear comparison of the products specification with important advantages highlighted.

DataSentics - Betterfy

Recommendation configuration

The recommender works well with the business constraints (what should and shouldn’t be recommended).

DataSentics - Betterfy

What clients say


With Betterfy from DataSentics, our client has the most up-to-date offer from the entire spectrum of more than 1,000 vehicles with transparent and credible recommendations.

Zdeněk Honek | CEO HAVEX-auto

DataSentics - Betterfy

The solution is unique thanks to its automatically generated transparent explanations for our customers. This led to an increase by up to 20% in certain categories while increasing customer satisfaction.

Roman Dušek | Head of Mall e-shop

DataSentics - Betterfy

Who We Are

We are a leading European AI product studio with 100+ machine learning and cloud data engineering professionals. Our products help enterprises generate profits and savings. Thanks to our open-product approach and unique expertise, we tailor our products precisely to your company needs and IT infrastructure. DataSentics is an Atos company.

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DataSentics - Betterfy

Betterfy pricing

How does it work?

  • You provide us with your product data for a category of your choice (we expect at least 500 products in this one category).
  • We configure Betterfy for you and perform a one-off calculation of recommendations.
  • You can test Betterfy recommendations for yourself in our testing app.

Risk-free guarantee: Based on the free pilot, you will decide whether to use the Betterfy solution or not. We will not charge you anything and we will not push you into buying. You are free to decide on any upscaling based on your needs.

Betterfy is a subscription-based product.

Contact us for a personalised solution

Additional Benefits of Betterfy

  • Initial integration and configuration is for free
  • Detailed configuration and room for custom metrics available
  • A think-tank of smart engineers and data scientists ready to solve your problems
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • We provide you with updates towards our vision of becoming a unique digital sales assistant
DataSentics - Betterfy

Interested? Get in touch and try Betterfy for your store in our testing environment for free!

DataSentics - Betterfy

Petr Dvorak

Betterfy Product Owner