DataSentics - Betterfy
DataSentics - Betterfy
DataSentics - Betterfy

Get a sales assistant who never sleeps.
Better than any chatbot

Betterfy is an AI-powered recommender for your e-commerce store, which compares all of your products and gives your customers seamless shopping advice

DataSentics - Betterfy
DataSentics - Betterfy

Betterfy is a great Chatbot alternative if your goal is to:

  • Help your customers decide and make a purchase
  • Drive upselling and cross-selling
  • Decrease of bounce rate of your product pages from search
  • Create an excellent user experience with your online store

The Problem - Your Customer can't Decide

If you sell any product with a lot of specifications, such as electronics, financial products, real estate, or cars, you likely miss up to 20% of revenue due to the complexity of your wide offer. 

DataSentics - Betterfy

Betterfy is the answer!

Increase sales volume?
Yes, up to 20% A/B test proven!
Provide better customer service?
That is our goal!
Comparing hundreds of product specifications?

DataSentics - Betterfy

Our Solution

DataSentics - Betterfy

Betterfy is a machine learning-powered software that creates credible product recommendations based on the price-performance ratio after being implemented into the online store.

This helps your customers to understand products better, stay at the website and decide for purchase with confidence.

At A/B testing, Betterfy caused an increase in revenue in the notebook category by 20%.

DataSentics - Betterfy

What clients say



With Betterfy from DataSentics, our client has the most up-to-date offer from the entire spectrum of more than 1,000 vehicles with transparent and credible recommendations.

Zdeněk Honek | CEO HAVEX-auto

DataSentics - Betterfy

The solution is unique thanks to its automatically generated transparent explanations for our customers. This led to an increase by up to 20% boost in certain categories while increasing customer satisfaction.

Roman Dušek | Head of Mall e-shop

Additional Benefits of Betterfy

  • Initial integration and configuration is for free
  • Detail configuration available and space for custom metrics
  • A think-tank of smart engineers and data scientists ready to solve your problems
  • Dedicated relationship manager
  • We provide you with updates towards our vision of becoming a unique digital sales assistant

DataSentics - Betterfy

Interested? Get in touch and try Betterfy for your store in our testing environment for free!

DataSentics - Betterfy

Petr Dvorak

Betterfy Product Owner